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Stop Throwing out your Wine Bottles. Do This Instead.

Earth Day 🌎 has past, but it feels like Earth Day everyday now with every company advertising how they're sustainable, recycling, reducing their carbon footprint, things like that. Even though these companies are selling environmentally-friendly products, at the end of the day, we're still consuming resources (and spending $$) than disposing them. For resources to be recycled and reproduced back into something that's usable again, it STILL takes lots of time, money, and energy. So today, I took a moment and thought about "what can we do as wine consumers to cut back on our waste?" I believe I'm good at utilizing resources, brainstorming creative ideas, and getting crafty. So in support of sustainability and to inspire you all to get fun and innovative with your empty wine bottles instead of recycling them, here are 7 creative ways you can reuse and upcycle your wine bottles.

1. Bottle to Glass

If you have the right tools, than it's easy-peasy. All you need is a glass bottle cutter or glass cutter, sandpaper, an empty wine bottle and VOILA, you can make your own glasses. I love upcycling wine bottles with amazing bottles designs into glasses like the Côte des Roses bottles with the rose-shaped bottom. If you need some extra glasses in your cabinet, this is fun, cost-effective, sustainable way to get some more. Find the all the steps on Wikihow.

2. Flower Vases

Free flower vases for all, after you drink a whole bottle of wine! It's no question, the shape of wine bottles makes for perfect vases. To get a bit more creative, paint and decorate your new vases to match the aesthetics of your home.

3. Self-Watering Bottle for Plants

Another idea for all the plant moms. Fill your empty wine bottle with water, turn upside down, and stick it in your flower pot. No need to worry about watering your plants for the next week or 2, your wine bottles got you covered.

4. Shadow Box Wine Cork Collection

I love keeping wine corks for keepsakes. They're a great way to build a collection of memories from the wines I've tried. Also, wineries put in a lot of effort to make beautiful corks to provide an added experience when you try their wine, so don't throw them away! I like to write little notes on my corks with the wine varietal, date I opened the bottle, occasion for the wine, and how much I liked the wine, then put it in a shadow box. Shadow boxes are pretty inexpensive, are great as home decor (especially rustic-themed homes), and are widely available at places like, Winners, Wayfair, and Michaels.

5. Candle Holder

I've seen images of wine bottles upcycled to candle holders on Pinterest and it's a fantastic idea, especially if you can make your own candles. One way you can do this is to stick a long candlestick into the wine bottle. Another option is turning your bottle into a glass and adding your candle inside the glass. Then you can fancy up your newly made candle holder with decorations. The choice is yours.

6. Bird Feeder

I don't need to explain anything here other than "Honey, you need to try this!".

7. Wine Bottle Lights