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The perfect wine for your Valentine’s Day (or Galentine’s Day)

It’s almost February 14th!! Time to hit the liquor store to find a wine to enjoy

with your partner or gals. Unfortunately, with the massive selection of wine available, you're bound to get a headache trying to pick a wine that can make or break your Valentine's/Galentine's Day. Luckily, I have a recommendation to make that decision easier. Pick a rosé wine and here are the reasons why:

1. It’s easy to drink (meaning it doesn’t have a lot of complexity in the taste like a red wine), so it’s likely that the people you’re sharing it with will like it (whether they do or don’t drink wine often).

2. It’s nice to have on its own and an easy pairing with most foods, especially chocolate.

3. It’s the “hot and trendy” wine and looks great on Instagram photos.

4. It’s pink (so fitting for this occasion).

Personally, I’ve tried a couple of rosé wines, most of them I’ve liked. Specifically for Valentines/Galentines, I’d recommend the Villa Teresa Rosé Wine. This wine is a semi-sparkling wine, so it’s got the bubbly, but not too much CO² to fill your stomach. It’s made in Veneto, Italy, one of the largest wine regions in Italy. Luckily, this is an organic wine, so it’s a perfect match for your health-conscious date or friends. Not to mention, it also has a 0-sweetness code, meaning it contains very little sugar, specifically 0-5g/L of residual sugar.

I personally like this wine because it suits my sweet tooth, especially with the combination of rosé and sparkling wine in one bottle - it essentially has the best of both worlds. This wine is sweet, but not as sweet as juice, light to medium-bodied with hints of strawberry, and has a short finish. As well, it has an alcohol level of 11%, which is the perfect amount to allow you to taste the sweetness ("more info on wine alcohol content below). Luckily, at $16.99CAD a bottle, it’s the perfect wine for the cost of your lunch.

Villa Teresa Rosé Wine is great on its own. However, if you do plan on having a snack with it, I’d suggest dark chocolate like Lindor 79% Cacao Dark Chocolate or Purdy’s Dark Chocolate Gift Box. Dark chocolate is not as sweet as white or milk chocolate and is a tad bitter, which balances nicely with the sweetness of the rosé wine and mimics the taste of chocolate strawberries with the strawberry hints in the wine.

If you do try this wine, let me know your opinion of it in the comments below. Enjoy your date or girl’s night this Friday! Thanks for reading. I’ll have a new post every week, so subscribe below for all the updates!

*Tip: If you’re wondering whether your wine is sweet or bitter before buying it, check the type of wine it is (rosé and sparkling are sweeter wines), then check the alcohol content- the higher the alcohol percentage, the more bitter it’ll be.
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