How It Got Started

Throughout my years of working in the wine & spirits industry, we discovered that there's a big knowledge gap of wine with consumers. Knowing this, the Wineisseur blog was create to reduce this knowledge gap by providing simplicity on the complex world of wine and inspire viewers to explore this area. We continue to strive to educate viewers on wine and bring more inclusivity to our wine community through our online store.

About Us
Wineisseur strives to elevate your wine experience at home.

We believe that living the wine life is not just about the wine; it's about who you share those experiences with and the tools you use to heighten that experience. That's why we've opened our online store to offer specially selected products, so you can enjoy your wine experiences with loved ones. With that, we use our blog to spread our knowledge of wine and provide recommendations to help you find the best wines for you and help you get the most out of your experience.

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About our Founder

Deanna Lowe

Deanna has been in the wine & spirits industry since 2017, promoting numerous wine and spirit brands, and recently, working as a Sommelier at Mission Hill Winery. She's also traveled to the capital of wine: Bordeaux, France; where she was immersed in wine culture, leading into developing her passion for wine.

"As a wine connoisseur, I look forward to exploring the world of wine with all of you and elevating your wine experiences. Thank you for checking out my blog and store."

Located in Vancouver, BC. Canada.

Favorite wine: La Marca Prosecco (Italy)

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