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BC Wine Month - Tasting the Best from the Locals

April has come to full Spring! If you aren’t aware, this month is BC Wine Month. British Columbia has great quality wines made locally, the well-known wineries being in the Okanagan Valley and Osoyoos. There are 370 licensed wineries and 929 vineyards producing over 80 grape varieties just in BC! Most of our wines are consumed in Canada, but with this many wineries, BC should be a globally-known hotspot in the wine industry.

With the Easter long weekend just around the corner, many of you will be having home-cooked gourmet dinners. To pair with your fantastic home cooking, I’ll tell you my thoughts on some great BC VQA wines that you can enjoy this weekend!

*If you’re new to wine and unfamiliar with wine vocabulary, take a look at my wine language blog post before reading ahead. It’ll give you a better understanding of what I’m saying below.

Sumac Ridge Gewürztraminer (white wine)

Although this wine smells fruity, it carries rosy floral notes and is super light-bodied, making this Gew perfect for spring. The hints of lychee and honey give a balanced mouthfeel and leave your palate with a slightly sweet finish. This came as a surprise to me since this wine has a sweetness code of 1, so I expected it to be sweeter. The water-like transparency and tint of yellow emulate the light body of this wine.

Pair this with an “opposites attract” food. I’d suggest strong-flavoured cuisines like Indian or Southeast Asian. If you're having dessert, pair this with rich desserts or cheeses like Brie because this wine will calm down the intensity of the flavours and bring balance to your palate.

Sumac Ridge Merlot (red wine)

This merlot is full-bodied, you can