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The "Cocktails in a Can" I've Tried During Quarantine

I’m in love with mixology and I hope you can tell from all my blogs about cocktails. If you don’t know what is mixology, it’s the science of making cocktails and other drinks. On a night out, I was always the person that would order cocktails at the pub while my friends ordered beer (no shame there, cocktails are delicious). Over the past couple of years, with mixology trending, companies have started incorporating it in a ready-to-drink feature, which resulted in the “cocktail in a can.” This makes it easy to have a cocktail at home without the need to buy ingredients you wouldn’t normally have like Angostura bitters and flavoured syrups. With more on the market, there’s no need to practice your bartending skills when the bartending service comes in a can. That gives you more time to enjoy the sun with your friends while drinking cocktails.

If I’ve got you excited to buy some cocktails in a can, I’ve got reviews of 4 products that I’ve tried during quarantine, just in time for your next trip to the liquor store.

Jaw Drop Tickling Pink Lemonade

Lemonade is out, pink lemonade is in. I love how it’s very sour and citrusy, I’m sure you've guessed that from the name. You really can’t go wrong with this drink. It’s definitely a crowd-pleaser, so it’s great to bring to casual gatherings. As well, this one does have more alcohol content than a typical cooler (7% compared to 5%), so you get some more buzz for your buck with this brand.

Muddlers Moscow Mule

Muddlers has only recently come into the BC market, and honestly, we NEEDED them. Their Moscow Mule is one of my favourite cocktails in the can and yet, I don’t normally have this drink at bars. Moscow mules are a mix of vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice. The Muddlers one is sweet, but not too sweet and has a lingering spice from the ginger beer. Muddlers also has a pink lemonade I have yet to try, but I heard it’s delicious too.

In Good Order Pink Lemonade Rosé

Somehow I’m really digging the whole pink lemonade trend. This one though is WAYY different than the Jaw Drop. It’s more for health-conscious individuals. Seriously, they have 100 calories and 4 grams of sugar listed on the can. I wasn’t quite sure how much 4 grams of sugar was, but this drink has a light sweetness with a hint of citrus. So I guess there’s way more sugar in the other cocktails. Nonetheless, it’s light, fruity, and a great choice for people who don’t want a sugar high.

Nude Iced Tea Peach

If a cocktail is nude per se, this is as nude as it gets – meaning it has almost nothing in it. It’s unsweetened, no sugar or sweetener and it’s even gluten-free. This provides an option for very health-conscious individuals on specific diets like gluten-free or keto, so all the power to them. For me personally, I didn’t like it. This iced tea tasted like water with some alcohol, which is very different to me and not a good one for my sweet tooth. But a good thing here is that Nude does not make me feel bloated, which happens sometimes with high-calorie drinks because they’ve eliminated the wheat component from the alcohol and the calories that come with regular cocktails. So although I don’t the taste of this cocktail, it definitely serves its purpose for the health-conscious community.



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