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Fall 4 Food Pairings (Pt.2): Fudgy Brownies & Cabernet Sauvignon

I hope part 1 of F4FP inspired you to get creative with your wine/food pairings. If you’re more of a baker than a cooker, this pairing is right up your alley. As it’s getting colder faster and darker earlier each day, I start craving more rich and decadent foods. When I thought about what to write about, this pairing of Fudgy Brownies and Cab Sauv came to mind.

Image by James Kody Decker

I discovered this pairing when I made brownies using Alvin Zhou's recipe (a step-by-step video of the recipe is at the end) for my team at Mission Hill Winery on our last day. That day, we were trying some of the latest Mission Hill releases, one of which was the Terroir Collection 2018 Jagged Rock Cabernet Sauvignon. My co-worker suggested that I pair the brownies with the Cab Sauv, and My Gosh was it surprisingly a fantastic pairing! The richness in flavours and texture of both items matched equally. The Cab Sauv has dark fruit notes of black currants, blackberries, and red cherries with some violets and spice that mix well with the chocolatey goodness of the brownies.

Think about chocolate ganache with berries; this pairing produces a similar effect in your mouth.

What’s also nice is the bitterness from the rounded tannins and the drying aspect that emulates the dry growing season the grapes were grown in. These characteristics balance out the sweetness and moist texture of the brownies. Not to mention, the Cab Sauv is 14.2% alcohol, which gives that nice warming effect in your body – perfect for those cold fall nights. The best part is the long finish of the Cabernet Sauvignon with the melt-in-your-mouth effect of the fudgy brownies that really lets the flavours linger on your palate. (Talking about this makes my mouth water!) If I was able to convince you to try this pairing, The Youtube video on how to make these delicious fudgy brownies is at the end of the post.

A fitting occasion for this pairing is when you’re lounging by the fireplace on a rainy day reading a book or watching TV. Another one is for a Girls Night In because brownies are meant to be shared! If you want to elevate the brownie recipe, add small marshmallows and graham cracker crumbs to make it a Smores Brownie (it’ll bring back the summer campfire nights)!

YOU NEED TO TRY THIS PAIRING!!! I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below. If you haven’t read my Fall 4 Food Pairings (Pt.1) on Roast Chicken and Pinot Noir, check it out. Cheers!


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