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The Ultimate Mother's Day Guide to Wines

Mother's Day is coming fast on Sunday and to be honest, it blows my mind that it's already May! Time flies, but you can slow it down and enjoy the moment with a great glass of wine with the most beloved person in your life. If you're planning to spend a day with your mom at the park or beach, or even enjoy a home-cooked meal at your home patio, then add the cherry-on-top of your day with a delicious bottle of wine. Here are some recommendations that'll warm up her heart and match perfectly with spring weather.

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This wine is all about the experience - from the gorgeous cork design to the rose-shaped bottom of the bottle to the delicious wine inside - this is what makes this my favourite rosé. This rosé is also from the appellation best known for their rosé - Languedoc-Roussillon in Provence, France. This wine is blended with Grenache, Syrah, and Cinsault, which are all dark red French wine grapes that favour the heat, thus why they grow well in Southern France. In terms of its tasting profile, this rosé displays a pale pink color and carries light-bodied, dry characteristics. The fruity notes you'll taste include ripe cherry, strawberry, and watermelon. Overall, this wine displays the best of both worlds, roses and rosé - need I say more.

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If you want the Tiffany version of wine, this is it (with a petite price). The bottle label says it all with its "similar to Tiffany blue" colour, which is how I've made the correlation between the two. This wine is so damn DELICIOUS I could finish a bottle myself in one sitting, that's why it's one of my favourite. It's off-dry with 19g/L of residual sugar, has a good amount of bubbles (not as much as you'd find in Champagne), and carries a refined mineral, smooth texture. This Prosecco has notes of citrus, honeysuckle, green apple, and pear. It's made by the Glera grape, the official wine grape used to produce Prosecco. Glera is grown in the Prosecco appellation in Italy (a bit north of Venice). If your mom love Italian wines, this is a must-have. Serve this wine when you serve her to breakfast in bed or a homemade brunch on it's own or in a mimosa.

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As y'all know by now, Kitsch is one of my favourite wineries in the Okanagan. They hand harvest their grapes and make their wine in small batches, so you're sure to get good quality wine made with lots of care, just like how your mom cares for you. If your Mother's Day meals includes any Asian, Southeast Asian, or German dishes, this wine is a fantastic pairing. It's off-dry (15.7g/L of residual sugar), medium-bodied, and has a lingering acidity. Overall, it carries strong zesty citrus, tart notes with ripe grapefruit, apricot, and green apple notes. If you're interested in finding more Kitsch wines, check out this post.

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If your mom is into wine concoctions, this is the one you need. Lillet is a special wine because it's not fully a wine, it's a French aperitif wine made in Bordeaux that's blended with 85% Semillion and 15% citrus-based liqueurs. I talked about my experience trying this aperitif for the first time in Bordeaux in my Drinks that'll Bring Europe to your Home blog and I can still say that it's my favourite aperitif. This wine is great on ice and garnished with a lemon slice AND it's also wonderful in cocktails. Check out Lillet's website for cocktail recipes.

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Veuve Cliquot is kind of like the Mother of Champagne being that it made a lot of breakthrough innovations in the champagne-making process and the company was lead by a woman in the early 1800s - Madame Cliquot, which was unheard of back in those days. This champagne is Pinot Noir dominant blended with Chardonnay and Meunier, and aged for at least 3 years. You'll notice that this is a non-vintage wine, which is a common practice for champagne. It has notes of peach, honey, pear, vanilla, and bread, and is very dry (brut is the wine descriptor for dry). Plus, it's got big bubbles, so you can make the moment extra special by opening the bottle with a sabre. If you do this, check this post on how to sabre your champagne properly (because it's very easy to do it incorrectly).

Hope this helps with your wine hunt for Mother's Day!

Double cheers - one for you and one for your mom.

- Deanna


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