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Your Quarantine and Chill list (Pt.2)

With governments around the world enforcing "stay-at-home" policies, let's make staying at home fun since it's becoming the norm. In continuance with my list on my blog post, Things to do during Quarantine and Chill, here are more things you can do at home.

6. Adopt a Furry Friend.

This is the perfect time to save a life while having a companion to keep you company at home. Right now till March 27, the BC SPCA is offering 50% off adoption fees! Click here to get all the information on the adoption process and see the pets available.

7. Order Food from your Favourite Local Restaurants (with wine).

Treat yourself while supporting local businesses. Helping each other is essential now, especially the ones that are really struggling like your local Mom n' Pop restaurants. The B.C government has recently allowed restaurants to sell alcohol for take-out, so you can purchase great food with your favourite alcoholic beverages.

8. Enhance your Knowledge of Wine.

With so many things to know about wine, now's the time to learn. There are so many areas you can discover about wine - the industry, winemaking process, wine language, types of wines, the list goes on. You can start with reading posts on my blog.

9. Learn a New Skill.

Have you been putting off learning a skill for a long-time? With all this free time and so many free resources online, you have no excuses. Learn how to bake, play guitar, write a blog, or do yoga !

10. Meditate.

In our society, the on-the-go lifestyle has become a norm, causing people to get used to being in an autopilot-state. Now that the world has slowed down, let's get back to being "in the present moment." For me, meditation really helps with this. Calm and Mindfulness are apps with guided meditation recordings that I use to make meditating easier.

11. Have Fun with Mixology.

Since you can't go out to the bar, bring the bar home. Look up some drink recipes on sites like Esquire, grab your shaker, fill up on ice, and make cocktails. You probably stalked up your liquor cabinet, so get adventurous and challenge your inner bartender.



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