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My Experience At Country Vines Winery

Discover local family-owned winery, Country Vines as I share tasting notes on their 6 top-selling wines and why you should visit their charming property.

country vines winery

December is finally here!! As we step into the festive season, I couldn't wait to share my recent visit to Country Vines Winery, a charming family-owned gem tucked away on a farm in Richmond, BC. If you're on the lookout for a local winery to visit this season, look no further – Country Vines Winery is a must-see!

A Local Tasting Experience At Country Vines

My recent visit here included a guided wine tasting in the cellar with charcuterie with their wine expert, Kodi. This tasting also included a tour of their property where we checked out their winemaking room, grape sorting machine, and on-site rescue animals. It was a very intimate experience where we got to taste 6 of their best-selling wines ranging from white, orange, sparkling, and red. Not only that, we tried their 1,2, and 3-year old Cabernet Francs right from the barrel!

If you don’t know about Country Vines winery, they have been producing wine for over 5 years and have cultivated vineyards in both the Vancouver lower mainland and the Okanagan. Despite being considered young and small in the industry, Country Vines has mastered the craft of producing top-notch small-batch wines at prices that won't break the bank – and they're only getting better! Currently, they have a homey tasting room and an outdoor patio with firepits, where you can sip on their wines. Beyond the vineyards, this family also runs a produce market right next to the winery, What sets this winery apart is their charming farm, home to rescue animals like cows, roosters, chickens, ducks, and goats.

If Country Vines winery sounds like your vibe, keep scrolling for my wine tasting notes.

country vines wine tasting
Left to right: Cabernet Franc, Beso Dulce, Contact Pinot Gris, Schonburger, Back Forty Bubbles, Pearl Perle de Csaba

1. Schonburger 2021 - $20 (White Wine)

country vines schonburger

If you like Austrian or German white grape varietals like Gewürztraminer or Gruner Veltliner, this wine is up your alley. Schonburger is an Austrian grape varietal pronounced as sho-ne-burger and is one of their best-selling estate wine. It was my first time hearing about this grape varietal and I was pleasantly surprised. This wine boasts floral and melon aromas with lychee and grapefruit notes. Light-bodied and refreshing, this wine pairs perfectly with spicy East and South Asian cuisine. It's a crowd-pleaser and makes a great holiday gift.

2. Back Forty Bubbles 2020 - $30 (Sparkling Wine)


Now that I made you a fan of Schonburger, you'll love its sparkling counterpart – Back Forty Bubbles. This wine undergoes a second fermentation in the traditional method to produce its lovely bubbles. With toasty, creamy, and buttery notes reminiscent of Champagne, this wine is brut (dry) with a crisp, light texture. It’s perfect for sabering during your New Year’s celebrations and pairs well with crab, lobster, and good company!

3. Contact Pinot Gris 2020 - $20 (Orange Wine)

country vines contact pinot gris

The name of the wine, Contact, comes from the “skin contact” maceration process this wine undergoes to get its gorgeous pinkish-orange colour. Refreshing with notes of peaches, pear, and citrus, this bone-dry wine is an excellent patio and charcuterie companion. A crowd-pleaser and a great housewarming gift!

4. Pearl Perle de Csaba 2021 - $21 (White Wine)

Pearl is made from a Hungarian white grape varietal called Perle de Csaba. This was another wine varietal I tried for the first time at the tasting. Pearl carries light aromas of honeysuckle and jasmine, accompanied by flavours of peaches and citrus on the palate. Dry, refreshing, and tart, it makes for a perfect pairing with seafood and spicy Asian cuisine. Plus, it's named after their rescued cat!

5. Beso Dulce Red 2020 - $20 (Red Wine)

Country Vines Beso Dulce Red

Beso Dulce is a French-style red blend of Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Syrah. This wine creates a perfect harmony of lush red and black fruit, leather, cloves, and charred cedar notes. Similar to Bordeaux style blends, the various wine varietals with French and American oak aging create a bold, full-bodied, complex, and balanced wine. It's great for holiday dinners with roast beef or lamb.

6. Cabernet Franc 2013 (Red Wine)

country vines cabernet franc

The tasting I got with their Cabernet Franc was one of my most memorable experiences because we got to taste the Cabernet Franc from the barrel at 1, 2, and 3 years old then got to try their 10 year old wine. It’s always fun to do a linear tasting and compare the wine’s flavour profile as it ages. Having been aged for a decade, this wine carries notes of dried red fruit, prunes, oak, tobacco, and smoke with smooth tannins and a lasting finish. Plus, the grapes were sourced from their vineyard in Oliver, BC. Overall, a great quality wine that will pair well with a seared steak and mashed potato dish.

Country Vines Winery offers a fantastic selection of wines, with my personal favourites being their Schonburger, Back Forty Bubbles, and Contact Pinot Gris. Their wines were so great, I couldn't resist to not buy half a case, even with my inventory wines in my cellar. These locally crafted wines are of exceptional quality and affordability (ranging from $20 to $30). If that’s what your looking for this season, make sure to support Country Vines Winery by visiting in person or ordering online. Cheers!


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