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Best Blogs of 2022 & What’s To Come In 2023

Find synopses of my best blogs including the most popular, top wine review, favourite to write, most inspiring, and notable mention. Plus, see what big plans are coming for Wineisseur.

Best Blogs of 2022 & What’s To Come In 2023

Happy New Year to all my fellow wine lovers! Looking back on 2022, it was definitely a pinnacle year for me and I hope it brought great things in your lives, as well. One of the biggest moments for me was my time abroad in Europe travelling while working remotely for 4 months. Another fantastic accomplishment was that traffic picked up significantly on my blog from Google! A peer once told me that blogging was a long-term investment and that Google doesn’t direct much traffic to your site till it’s been up for over 2 years, which is a milestone I reached last year. It came to show that long-term hard work pays off and sometimes, you have to wait for great outcomes. Now, to look back on all the great content from this past year and keep the good times rollin’ in the new year, here are my best blogs of 2022.


I love wine and cheese nights, so I was so happy to teach my audience how to build a kickass charcuterie board and share recommendations on perfect wine and cheese pairings. Charcuterie boards are an absolute crowd-pleaser and provide a variety of food from multiple food groups. The best thing is that the variety of food carries many colours, making it fun to put together in an aesthetic way. Topping it off with specially selected wine pairings is the icing on a fantastic night for you and your group. Check out my step-by-step guide on building aesthetic charcuterie boards here. (For even more wine and cheese pairing, check this blog.)


I’m a huge Bachelorette fan with Kaitlyn Bristowe being one of my favourite Bachelorettes, so when I heard KB was starting her own wine brand, I was very curious to try it. When I got the Spade & Sparrows Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir, I got them signed by Kaitlyn herself at a BC liquor store event! Her wines are affordable for the average consumer and carry an approachable flavour profile. They are smooth, fruit-forward, have soft tannins, and have a simpler flavour profile (which is not a bad thing, in case that’s what you were thinking). I can admit that the little marketing quirks like the designs on the cork really were the icing on the cake for these wines. If you want to read more about my review on Spade & Sparrows, check it out here.


Sabering Champagne was a party trick I’ve been dying to learn. I've definitely watched a lot of videos online about it, so when I bought Champagne during my visit to Champagne, it was a no-brainer how I was planning to open them. That opportunity came when I stayed at my friend’s villa in Totnes, Devon in England, I tried it for the first time, and it was a SUCCESS! Then, I did it a second time, so I basically became an expert at it (just kidding). In hopes to encourage you to learn sabering, I built an easy step-by-step guide, so you could do this too and impress the hell out of your peers😉. Find the guide here and happy popping!


This blog was 4th on my most viewed blogs of the year but makes the top for the most inspiring blog post. I read this again today and got to reminisce on my feelings of happiness, gratitude, and exhaustion during the time I was writing this blog. Today, I feel so proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone and going on that trip. I bought a one-way flight to France and didn’t hash out all my plans before I started, but I remained flexible and adaptable. Despite the stress it may have caused at times, my trip worked out in the best way possible! I did enjoy the spontaneity that flexible travel plans brought too. I ended up staying in Europe for 4 months visiting 5 countries and it was the best decision I could have made to spend my summer. Get inspired to live out your dreams here.


I love how this blog brings a different viewpoint on how new experiences can change your view of things. For example, I've found that my preferences for wine have changed throughout my journey. At first, I preferred rosé and sparkling wines. Then, as I got to taste more wines, especially when I was a Sommelier at Mission Hill, I grew to like Bordeaux varieties and Pinot Noir more. Now, I don’t have a defined preference. My preferences change based on situational factors like the season, food pairings, event, etc. This blog specifically highlights how experiencing Port in its own region gave me understanding to why this wine is made the way it is and appreciate Port's charisma and character that make it so unique. Being curious about wine is the biggest lesson I want you to take away from this. Learn more about my exploration of Port wine here.


I’ve got BIG plans that I'm excited to share. Firstly, I’ll be starting a podcast so you can learn about the world of wine on the go, whenever wherever. Secondly, I’ll be publishing more blogs on wine and food pairing blogs since I know a lot of you are curious about that. As well, since my blog on Spade & Sparrow was a big hit, I’ll be writing more reviews on celebrity-owned wines including 19 Crime by Snoop Dog and Maison N°9 by Post Malone. Stay tuned for all the details by subscribing to my list. Lastly, I plan to continue producing authentic and interesting content by sharing the things I continue to learn on my wine journey. There’s so much to learn and talk about in the wine world, so I plan to share my learnings with you all and inspire you to start or go further in your own journey in wine. Cheers to an epic year!


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