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My Visit To Champagne: A Travel Diary

Learn all about Champagne - why it's so cool, how to get affordable Champagne,

and my travel adventures in Reims tasting Champagne and touring cellars.

For those who know me well, you know that Champagne is the most symbolic wine of my personality – classy, elegant, and bubbly. That’s why I LOVE Champagne and made a point to visit there on my travels. In July, after my time at Château Coliving in Normandy, I made a brief stop at Strasbourg, then Reims – the main area of the Champagne region. Reims is an old, historic town in the French northeastern countryside with lots of cobblestone streets. What’s great about this town is that it’s an hour train ride from Paris, so you can easily visit for a day trip.

If you're ever really into a certain type of wine, visiting its place of origin is a MUST because you get to learn about it's long history into becoming known worldwide, get to explore all the different styles of the wine, and purchase it at an affordable rate (because we all know wine in Canada is expensive). Here, I'll tell you the back story of how Champagne peaked my interest and all the discoveries I found during my travels in France. As well, I've included some fun facts that I learned on my wine tours to entice you to take a trip to Champagne or open a bottle at home.

How I Grew My Interest In Champagne

Champagne is SO AFFORDABLE!

My Wine Tours in Reims

Fun Facts About Champagne

How I Grew My Interest In Champagne

Tattinger Champagne House

My interest in Champagne really evolved when I took a course in Brand Development and Value Creation in Wine and Spirits for my exchange program in Bordeaux in 2019. I chose the course because there was no course on that subject at my university and I had some interest in wine at the time. The biggest gift to me from that course was my French professor. She was absolutely the most passionate professor I ever had. Her talks about how Champagne developed its status symbol in society through its symbolism and country of origin really piqued my interest in this wine. As I mentioned in my travel diary about my time in Porto, learning the history behind the wine really gave me a greater appreciation for it. Because of this course, I made it a point to add a visit to Champagne on my bucket list, and I’m glad that I was able to check it off.

Champagne is SO AFFORDABLE!

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