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My Holiday Guide to 40 Knots Winery Wine and Food Pairings

Discover the perfect wine and food pairings for your holiday feasts with 40 Knots Winery. From sparkling to fortified wines, elevate your dinners while supporting BC wineries.

40 knots wines
Wines left to right: SpinDrift Brut, Safe Haven, Pinot Noir, Rosé, L’Orange, White Seas

In the spirit of supporting small BC wineries, I'm excited to shine a light on 40 Knots Winery and share how you can pair their exceptional wines with your upcoming holiday feasts. Situated on Vancouver Island, nestled in the heart of Comox, BC, 40 Knots Winery produces quality wine made from grapes grown in their sandy, seaside terroir and sustainable farming practices. Making wines that are from 100% estate-grown grapes, and are naturally vegan and gluten-free are just a few ways 40 Knots Winery prioritize quality with their small batch production. Overall, their wines are very approachable and versatile, which makes them great to enjoy over the holidays. To get to the fun stuff, I have some top-notch wine and food pairings to help elevate your holiday dinners.

SpinDrift Brut with Charcuterie

The SpinDrift Brut is their signature champagne-style sparkling wine. Consisting of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, this wine carries notes of green apples and lemons with hints of bread and lychee. For the holidays, I like to have sparkling wines as a welcome wine for guests to bring out their “bubbly” side and pair with charcuterie. Since this is a lighter-bodied wine, be sure to pair it with light, mild cheeses like brie, goat, and parmesan. For a full guide on making charcuterie boards, click here.

L’Orange with Garden Salad or Shrimp Cocktail

L’Orange wine is a natural orange wine made from Schönberger (an Austrian white grape varietal, similar to Gruner Veltliner and Riesling). Natural wines are fermented with no added yeast and have minimal sulfites – recommended for people who get headaches after drinking wine. With notes of oranges, grapefruit, and subtle hints of spice, this wine is a perfect companion for light appetizers like a garden salad or a shrimp cocktail. In general, its versatility ensures a balanced pairing with various salads and light seafood dishes.

Rosé with Roast Vegetables Dishes or Ratatouille

The 40 Knots Rosé, a blend of Pinot Noir and Gamay, boasts bright notes of strawberry, cherry, rhubarb, and lemon. Although Rosé is more of a summer wine, I like to serve it to guests over the holidays because of its approachability and crowd-pleasing character. Pair it with any roast vegetable dishes like cauliflowers, brussell sprouts or zucchinis. For an elevated pairing, the Ratatouille dish (a French recipe with eggplant, zucchini, and peppers) would be a great option.

Pinot Noir With Turkey Or Glazed Ham

40 Knots Pinot Noir is a classic for holiday dinners because it complements popular holiday meat dishes like turkey and glazed ham. Light and fruit-forward, this wine boasts notes of red fruit like cherries, cranberries, and raspberries with hints of black pepper, spice, and cedar. The soft texture and light flavours of this wine with the food provide balance and make these fantastic festive pairings.

White Seas with Spicy Foods or Asian Cuisine

The 40 Knots White Seas wine is a blend of 6 white varietals including Pinot Gris. Bursting with vibrant tropical fruit, honey, peach, and lemon notes, this wine pairs seamlessly with none other than Asian cuisine – sushi, pad thai, chow mein, you name it. This wine also carries a refreshing aspect, which makes it a great accompaniment to spicy foods.

Safe Haven with Stollen or Christmas log

Save the best for last with 40 Knots Safe Haven, a fortified wine made from Marechal Foch, a French hybrid varietal. This French hybrid varietal offers a velvet texture, full body, and rich notes of black fruit, spices, and chocolate. Similar to Port, Safe Haven has a high alcohol and sugar content, providing a lasting warming sensation. This rich wine pairs fabulously with a traditional German Stollen or a classic chocolate Christmas log. The richness of these desserts provides a balanced duo with the decadence of Safe Haven.

With a diverse range of vegan and gluten-free wines, 40 Knots Winery offers both premium quality wines at an affordable price, ranging from $25 to $45. Their wines are a testament to the dedication of local craftsmanship and sustainable farming practices. Whether you visit in person or order online, be sure to try 40 Knots this holiday season. You won’t regret it!

Cheers and Happy Holidays!




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